The universe is incredibly simple. As it repeats itself over and over in many ways, it becomes more aware of itself. As the repetitive patterns become more complex, this self-awareness becomes stronger. That’s how you and I are here, as unique expressions of the universe.

As everything that surrounds us emerges from this intricate expression of patterns, it also embodies its own forms of life and consciousness. It’s easy for the more complicated life forms (like us) to repeat this amplified sense of self-awareness until we think that it began with us, and forget that we are not separate from…

Things that stand on the edge of the shore are often defined by a certain rugged stance.

The barnacle-encrusted supports of old piers; the salt-bleached stumps of trees that grew tantalizingly close to the water, only to become solitary monuments of driftwood, gnarled and carved by the elements. They stand like sentinels, guarding with their presence a unique domain in the endless, and endlessly-changing horizon. They reassure us with their steadfastness and draw us closer with their silent, mysterious resilience. What unspoken sights and stories cling to these weathered landmarks? …

Some lessons take a lot of years to sink in. There’s nothing new here, but it’s still worth sharing for the reminder.

Image by Archelon Studios

1. You can’t lie to yourself and get away with it.

If something feels wrong, find out why, and decide what to do about it. Ignoring it will not work. Keep questioning everything.

2. Be specific and intentional.

Know what you are doing and why. You can’t blame life, or the rest of the world, if you aren’t happy with things, or because you haven’t decided what you want. Accept it, or change it — complaining is never…

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